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Join Infinedi to benefit from one of the fastest growing trends in today's health care industry - Electronic Claims Processing. Infinedi is committed to helping you meet the current and future needs of this ever-changing industry.

By using Infinedi, the hassle of sending out your patient statements can be converted into a fast efficient process. As with our electronic claims processing, Infinedi allows you to transmit your billing infomation via secure FTP, or modem directly to our toll free phone lines. Stop wasting valuable time printing, stuffing, and mailing patient statements!

Q is for QUICK. These new, cutting-edge tools provide a swift method to retrieve and view claims audit reports, carriers reports, information from Infinedi and much more.

As a solutions provider in the healthcare industry, Infinedi has developed many positive business relationships. As a result, we are able to offer our clients a value added service by bringing together products and services at a reduced cost to you. By mentioning that you are a client of Infinedi, you will receive the advantages, discounts and "buying power" that are sure to save you time and money. This service is provided free of charge to all active Infinedi clients.

Infinedi's experienced and highly trained Technology Team is available to answer your questions about Connect2Infinedi Software, Error Reports, Q-Service Tools, system setup and more. Call 800-688-8087 8am-5pm CST or email your questions to

Infinedi has developed many successful working relationships with software vendor representatives that can consistently provide quality services and referrals. As an independent contractor, joining forces with Infinedi can offer financial incentives for qualified applicants. If you are a software vendor and would like more information on how to become an I-Rep, please email .

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