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ICD-10, The Countdown Begins...

The new standard of International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-10 coding system is coming, and will be a major transition in the industry. ICD-10 is the 10th updated edition of the ICD codes and will replace the United States’ current ICD-9 system as of October 1, 2015.

Who does it Affect? Everyone!

HIPAA mandates Medicare, Medicaid and all health insurance companies to make the transition to ICD-10. It will promote systems changes throughout the healthcare industry, from large national health plans to small medical offices, laboratories, medical testing centers, and hospitals.

How does it affect you, the Infinedi client?

ICD-10 has more than 150,000 codes compared to the 24,000 codes of ICD-9. These new codes are completely different than their predecessors, both in format and length. Many are coded with specificity to the incident of the patient’s individual visit. There will be hours of training that your staff will need to go through to make this transition as well as changes to your Practice Management System to accommodate this new coding format. There are many changes that will need to be made to meet the mandate that has you shift from ICD-9 codes on Dates Of Service posted September 30, 2015 to ICD-10 codes on Dates Of Service posted October 01, 2015.

Don’t worry, Infinedi can help you with your transition!

Large transitions take time, so the HIPAA hard deadline may be difficult to coordinate with all that you have to do. We also understand that Practice Management System changes may be hard to time as these software vendors may be overscheduled during this time period. As the deadline approaches, Infinedi will help you by offering tools to assist you with your conversion.

Have questions about a Practice Management System for your Practice?

At Infinedi, we have Practice Management System software partners that can answer your questions about new systems or upgrades to help you in your compliance conversion to ICD-10.

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